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sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on April 30th, 2017 at 06:00 pm
Mah, kitty. *
* likely only people who have read Smeckday will know what this means, but it's evocative all the same.

Hello, friends! I am vegging out after driving 650 miles over two days to go to my friend's mother's memorial service. She (N's mom) passed away earlier this week of cancer (fuck cancer) so another friend, T, and I drove down there yesterday and back today. The weather was awful yesterday, although today we managed to thread our way back between storms without running into any severe weather (a good thing since when I checked the weather this morning there was a flood warning for exactly where we were headed with the advice "Turn around. Don't drown." in large letters. Um.)

It was lovely to see N and to see her childhood home, and I was reminded again by the fact that simple presence can be everything. I had no good words for the situation, but that we showed up meant a lot to N, and I am so glad that eloquence was not required. We drank wine, met her father and brother and sister and cousins, and simply existed in the same spot as her for a little while. I'm so glad we went.

Now that I'm back I'm looking at the week to come and wondering how to get everything in. I owe feedback on several documents, and I've already extended a deadline once to accommodate my inability to . . . . well, no. To accommodate my being triggered. So nothing has been done unreasonably, but I still feel a big doofus for not getting stuff done on time. Fie. I have fifteen one-on-one meetings this week, my usual standing meetings, and an all-hands meeting tomorrow at 4. And between times I'm supposed to get things done. How? one asks.

Tomorrow a big national organization is going to announce that I am one of eight new people who've been invited to join their advisory board, and that is fun! I'm excited to get the work done that being a part of the organization involves, especially since they're paying for me to stay at a $400-a-night hotel in Boston in June for a series of meetings I need to take part in. I will never have stayed anywhere so fancy, and I very much hope that I can maximize the time I spend in the hotel room to soak it up, ha. The downside is that I don't think I will have a chance to see Boston itself. Maybe another time.

Would anyone like to come over and fix me dinner? That would be awesome.
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