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sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on May 6th, 2017 at 04:23 pm
So, one of my very dear friends, who is charming and accomplished and wicked smart, was also John Barrowman's prom date back in the day.

She's John's guest at the Minneapolis Wizard Con today, and she's a little bamboozled by the fact that two hours ago she was mowing her lawn, and now she's just shaken Peter Capaldi's hand.

But the best part (for me) is that John just introduced her as his prom date at his panel and everyone cheered for her.

(She'd like you to know that James Marsters is shorter than she anticipated, but more handsome than expected.)

If anyone finds footage of this panel on the interwebs, do drop me a comment and point me in the right direction. Apparently he just did a riff on her mother finding him drunk in church . . .
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