19 May 2017 @ 08:33 am
I had a mammogram yesterday, and I fought with myself all day about going. I really didn't want to do it, just wanted to cancel and be done, but that's playing fast and loose with my health, so I went. It wasn't my first mammogram, and the tech was lovely and kind, but the whole thing still, I'm realizing, set me on edge. I feel gross today, sort of messed up, and it's not hard to see the connection between a total stranger handling me intimately with how I feel.


It's been a pretty good week here. We got incredibly hot weather at the beginning of the week which made everyone miserable - we need a few more days in the 70s to ease us into dealing with high 80s - but today it is raining and the high will be 55 and I can wear jeans and it will be glorious. Work has been fine - I've cleared my desk of everything but responding to reports, which means I have cleared out a serious backlog of everything else I could possibly do that isn't a report. I've been working on a couple of really fun projects, and had a lot of meaningful conversations with people this week, so I've felt good about what I do for a living. And there are only two more weeks of crunch time this season before I get a much more flexible schedule for the summer, and that is fabulous.

I'm going to be traveling a lot for business this summer. I'm headed to Syracuse for a conference in mid June, and a lightning fast trip to Boston at the end of that month. Minneapolis in July, Virginia in August, Minneapolis in August. I am such a homebody, so the fact that I even agreed to all this travel is a sign that the things on the other of the plane rides are awesome. Hopefully they'll all turn out to be fun!

The rain is so soothing this morning. My gosh, it'd be a great day to spend in bed with tea and a book. Alas . . .
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Kim[personal profile] grammarwoman on May 19th, 2017 05:15 pm (UTC)
A+ adulting - well done!

Why are all the gyno-related tests so uncomfortable? From mammograms to Paps, they're all designed by sadists, I swear.
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sheafrotherdon[personal profile] sheafrotherdon on May 20th, 2017 12:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the A+! :D
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perspi: Coffee[personal profile] perspi on May 19th, 2017 05:16 pm (UTC)
Yay, for happy weather! I have finished my grades for the semester, and I still have stuff to do but I've given myself a couple of days to play with my new-to-me 1899 treadle sewing machine. I've gotten a few bits cleaned up, and have more cleaning to do but I also just got it all adjusted to sew, and she stitches beautifully! So today I'm going to finish a pillow and try out one of the nifty hemming feet. :D
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sheafrotherdon[personal profile] sheafrotherdon on May 20th, 2017 12:59 pm (UTC)
Perhaps the ONLY thing I regret about making my home in the States is that I had to leave my great-grandmother's treadle Singer (in a beautiful cabinet) behind. That thing is so beautiful, sigh. So I am very glad you got one! So much fun to play with.
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mirabile[personal profile] mirabile on May 19th, 2017 05:50 pm (UTC)
On my to do list this morning I have "check on Cate" and here you are! I'm so happy to read this. I'm sending you a gentle hug. Also, I'm deeply envious of your 55 degrees and rain! Thank you for posting.
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sheafrotherdon[personal profile] sheafrotherdon on May 20th, 2017 01:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, I am so touched that "check on Cate" was on there! Hugs right back to you, my friend.
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sage: bear hug[personal profile] sage on May 19th, 2017 07:55 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad you were able to get through the mammogram. For me it's been such a challenge to make my body believe that the stranger wrangling my breasts into the scanner is there to HELP, not violate or exploit. That I'm the one with the power to say wait, stop, or don't -- at any point -- and it will be okay. I hope next year's scan doesn't bother you at all.
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sheafrotherdon[personal profile] sheafrotherdon on May 20th, 2017 01:01 pm (UTC)
I think the thing that trips up my brain is that it hurts. I didn't have any problem with the lady in Marks and Spencers in England giving me a bra fitting and handling me in all kinds of ways. But that plus it hurting - that trips a switch. I'm very glad I did it, though, and I'm sure it'll get better over time ♥
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sage: coffee[personal profile] sage on May 20th, 2017 05:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you for pointing that out! For me, it doesn't hurt more than the chronic pain I'm already in, but -- as Therapist points out -- that pain is still the lingering result of trauma. *ponders*
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