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sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on May 19th, 2017 at 08:33 am
I had a mammogram yesterday, and I fought with myself all day about going. I really didn't want to do it, just wanted to cancel and be done, but that's playing fast and loose with my health, so I went. It wasn't my first mammogram, and the tech was lovely and kind, but the whole thing still, I'm realizing, set me on edge. I feel gross today, sort of messed up, and it's not hard to see the connection between a total stranger handling me intimately with how I feel.


It's been a pretty good week here. We got incredibly hot weather at the beginning of the week which made everyone miserable - we need a few more days in the 70s to ease us into dealing with high 80s - but today it is raining and the high will be 55 and I can wear jeans and it will be glorious. Work has been fine - I've cleared my desk of everything but responding to reports, which means I have cleared out a serious backlog of everything else I could possibly do that isn't a report. I've been working on a couple of really fun projects, and had a lot of meaningful conversations with people this week, so I've felt good about what I do for a living. And there are only two more weeks of crunch time this season before I get a much more flexible schedule for the summer, and that is fabulous.

I'm going to be traveling a lot for business this summer. I'm headed to Syracuse for a conference in mid June, and a lightning fast trip to Boston at the end of that month. Minneapolis in July, Virginia in August, Minneapolis in August. I am such a homebody, so the fact that I even agreed to all this travel is a sign that the things on the other of the plane rides are awesome. Hopefully they'll all turn out to be fun!

The rain is so soothing this morning. My gosh, it'd be a great day to spend in bed with tea and a book. Alas . . .
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