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sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on June 5th, 2017 at 03:53 pm
Wonder Woman
I went to see Wonder Woman this afternoon with my friend and my niece, and we had a fantastic time drinking it all in.

At first I was disappointed that Ares turned out to be Remus instead of the chemist woman, but then I thought "What's more evil than an old, wealthy white man in an overcoat?" and concluded "not much," so well done, movie, well done. (I still think it would have been cool to have a woman be the Big Bad, though, especially to complicate what Ares could imagine for himself in the 20th century.)

Robin Wright as a warrior general was so fucking hot I can't even really talk about it. (And she had wrinkles! Amazing!) An entire nation of warrior women who kicked ass in so many different ways and fought off the Germans despite the German guns was some kind of dream. I love that as they rode in to defend their kingdom they were smiling. No second thoughts, no cowering behind what ifs, just unquenchable confidence. I had no idea I needed to see that so much until I did (much like not knowing I needed to see a woman with a lightsabre until I saw Rey use one).

Chris Pine - eh, you know. He did a fine job, but did I mention the army of women?

I would have loved for Bruce Wayne to not be mentioned once. I would have loved for Steve not to have had to die to provide motivation, because fridging is fridging no matter how you do it, and I like to think we can do better than merely reverse the tropes. I would have loved for them to not have written Chief communicating with smoke signals, because can we just not? But I will give points for my delight in seeing him make it to the end of the movie without dying. Yay!

But more than anything, I loved Diana. I loved that her love for humans was epic and grand, and that her commitment to justice and truth had her striding out into no-man's land without a second thought. I loved that she was lithe and beautiful and strong and confident and smart and accomplished and that the only thing that actually startled her a little was a man waking up, half-drowned, on her beach. I loved that for two-and-a-half-hours the idea that it was normal for men to be in charge was so deeply problematized. I loved that a girl in a skirt could take down a man in a suit of armor. My heart is so happy today.
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