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sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on July 2nd, 2017 at 10:22 am
Friends, I am one tired-out Cate today. The early part of last week was all about work, and then I left on Wednesday for Boston and spent less than forty-eight hours in the city before flying home. I don't recommend this as a person's first opportunity to see a place, but I'm glad that I got the chance to see a bit of the city amid all the stuff I had to do. (I was in town for the meeting of a national board on which I now serve, and we met in Boston Public Library, which is really freaking beautiful, and has an exceptional café that I highly recommend.) By virtue of getting up early and pounding the pavement before my meeting started on Thursday morning, I managed to see the old statehouse (which is so integral to illustrations of the Boston Massacre that it made my history geek heart all aflutter) and the long wharf, which is allegedly where everyone dumped the tea. And then I was in a basement conference room for two days (which is not nearly so bad as it sounds - it was a very nice conference room!).

What I saw of Boston was charming and inviting, and I experienced some real cognitive dissonance about how much like England so many of the green spaces were (not to mention the older architecture) while Cape Cod houses abounded. I liked it, though. I wish I had had more of a chance to explore! That said, I can say this for sure about Boston:

1) All coffee products, everywhere I went, were inexplicably cheap.
2) Logan airport is tiny
3) You should visit the new part of the Boston Public Library and snag one of the chairs by the huge windows so that you can be online and people watch at the same time. Perfection.

When we took off from Logan on Friday afternoon, we did a huge circle above the bay, and I could look out and imagine the whole harbour besieged by British tall ships in the 1770s, and it gave me the chills. Clearly I need to go back to Boston and soon.

Got back to my home at 10pm on Friday night, and then 8.30am on Saturday morning I was on the road with my friend M and her two daughters to go shopping for their family vacation in Florida. We shopped like champions, ate gloriously fried food and milkshakes for lunch, and got home in time for me to get a hair cut. Then it was time for our friend and neighbor S's popsicle party, so all the kids went in swimsuits and had epic water fights for three hours while the parents/assorted other adults sat around and drank beer and chatted. It was a lovely way to spend an evening, and when I got home I went right to bed and slept the deep sleep of the righteously tired for ten hours.

I am glad to be in my own home today, able to nest a little! I hope your weeks have been good to you, too! And here's to a good week coming up.
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