sheafrotherdon: (Avengers [Nick Fury by fiendunderpin])
sheafrotherdon ([personal profile] sheafrotherdon) wrote on August 9th, 2017 at 02:28 pm
Friends, I had another car accident yesterday. I was in a left turn lane, waiting for an opportunity to turn into a little strip mall where an Indian restaurant was allegedly located. There were two lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction, and traffic in the closest lane to me had stopped because it was backed up from a light. Someone stopped to allow clearance for me to turn and waved me through - I did not see the Honda Pilot coming up on the outside lane. It struck the back rear passenger door.

It was a slow-speed event, and the damage to my car was remarkably localized (thankfully). I'm now thigh-deep in bureaucracy - insurance, tow truck, rental company (because this happened while I was out of town at a conference). It all seems very complicated, especially because I used my company credit card to pay for the rental, which may mean the company is implicated? I'm just trying to take one thing at a time and not let my thoughts spiral into catastrophe.

[profile] siriaeve was in the car with me, and I thank my lucky stars that she was not hurt. Oof - it's hard to think that I put her in danger. But we are okay, and things will be okay, and [profile] siriaeve has been a trooper, and there are many distractions at my conference.

I would like for 2017 to QUIT now. Seriously. :(
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