17 January 2005 @ 10:02 am
Fic: Feeding Darkness  
Last night's Queerditch drabble about Bellatrix and Sirius would not leave me alone. I have a long Bellatrix fic I need to write, but this will quiet her for the time being. Warning -- NOT my usual fluff.

Fic: Feeding Darkness
Author: [ profile] sheafrotherdon
Rating: G
Characters: Bellatrix, Sirius, Regulus (in memory)
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Blacks, I just watch them implode
Summary: Bellatrix, with little else to do in Azkaban, taunts her cousin with memories of his brother.
A/N: 396 words. Dedicated to [ profile] blacksatinrose because she LOVES this kind of darkness :) Feedback loved and sheltered from the harsh little world I just conjured for Sirius.

You loved him, didn't you cousin? Nursed the pathetic embers of sibling devotion until the very end . . .  )