01 November 2008 @ 02:39 pm
Sarah Palin: Fangirl  
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Title: Vote for Me for VP!
Candidate: [ profile] sarah4evayeah / Sarah Palin
Ship: Conservative Base/McCain Campaign
Word Count: Words are for them elitists, y'know?
Warnings: Straight talk! Mavericky! None of that there east coast America hatin' chatter, no sir.
Summary: We need some Main Street, Wasilla in our great nation's capital!
A/N: Hi everyone! This is my very first run at national office – I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. Feedback is loved and petted and adored! Inspired by the Bible (as interpreted by my pastor, SHOUT OUT!) and Things I Have Been Told About the Constitution. Beta'd by The Lord ( © Wasilla Assembly of God Church, Wasilla, Alaska).

and the reaction from fandom was . . .  )