07 August 2007 @ 07:55 pm
big bang banner<


What does this mean? This means there are over 800,000 words of McKay/Sheppard goodness waiting for you over at the website, not to mention the accompanying art and vids.

Go! Read! Watch! Look at! Glory! Feedback! And most of all, enjoy!!

eta: SWEET JEREMIAH - the art to go with my [story] is a vid by [ profile] lim and it's FANTASTIC. It's my story! And it's a vid! And I am googly-eyed with speechless joy! *makes kermit arms* You can download the vid [here] *makes more kermit arms*

P.S. if the first layout of the website doesn't work for you, the tiny icons in the top left corner of the page are links to other layouts you can try. All are beautiful!