06 February 2007 @ 05:53 pm
Finn and his Baffa  
*flails* just *flails*

[ profile] fan_this has reduced me to incoherence. *flails again*

Finn and his Baffa before bedtime. Art that made Cate's ovaries explode (neat trick!)

I'd say more but just - *flails*
22 October 2005 @ 06:10 pm
ART: You're Dafter; You Helped  
Art:You're Dafter; You Helped
By: [ profile] sheafrotherdon
Rating: G

A/N: Lo! Two weeks ago I wrote a wee drabblet for [ profile] scarvesnhats called Daft. As daft things go, it was pretty daft. A picture of Sirius being buried in leaves is, however, dafter, especially as I make no claim to be any kind of artist. AND YET - do I have a picture of Sirius being buried in leaves? I do. And hence it's called 'You're Dafter; You Helped' which works on many levels - one being that Sirius thought it of Remus in drabblet, and the other thirty-seven having to do with me being a plonker.

But anyway . . . Remus (stage right, off camera) is throwing leaves atop a Sirius who's already half buried and about to pee himself with laughing. Good times all round. Terrible picture quality because my scanner's still in a box, and so I had to take a digital photo. Well - I didn't have to, but I did. And so begin so many things we live to regret ;). . .

Sirius amid the leaves )