14 August 2009 @ 11:55 am
Writer's Block: I Love My Body Because…  
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I love my body because in every moment of every day, it's striving toward life. I love that it gives me the means to walk, run, read, think, stretch, sleep, and dance. I love that it's taken me half way around the world, and that it contains the seeds of my laughter; that it delights in the warmth of sun on my face and the bite of cold against my nose. I love that it stores my memories, my loves, my losses, my hopes, and that it provides the means by which I can communicate to others in silence. I love that it tells me when I'm hungry, thirsty, lonely, afraid, joyful, ambitious, awed, and blessed. I love that with this body I can gather herbs, pluck tomatoes, dig dirt, dekernel corn; that with this body I can dust shelves, tuck sheets, stack books, wash my dishes. I love that with this body I skip and bend, draw patterns on the sidewalk in my niece's chalk, shovel snow in winter, stand still beneath an autumn moon.

I love my body because it writes and dreams, pauses and lives. I love my body because my body is me.